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Free unlimited use for a single Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft email address ending in their standard domains. For everyone else, a zero-obligation 30-day trial is built-in. No payment info is required up front.


Works with ANY personal or business email address and the setup is easy.

Any IMAP-enabled (which is pretty much every email address so don't worry about it) can be set up in mere minutes with SecureMyEmail. We're also directly tied into the secure sign-in systems for Gmail, Google Workspace, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft 365,, Exchange, Hotmail, MSN, and AOL Mail. This ensures super easy set up and the best available security.


True “zero knowledge” end-to-end email encryption.

SecureMyEmail gives anyone easy acess to truly “end-to-end” email encryption.

This means your email and attachments can be encrypted before they leave your device and can only be decrypted by your recipient(s).

Your email provider, ISP, or even we, do not ever possess the means to decrypt your email or attachments. This is even true when they are at rest on your email provider's server or when they are saved as drafts.


Digitally “sign” your emails to verify them and prevent spear-phishing and other email impersonation fraud.

When you “sign” an email it is cryptographically verifiable using unique security keys. This prevents the possibility of impersonation and ensures that your email, and its contents, have not been tampered with in transit. This is very important, especially for business and legal communications.


Send encrypted email to anyone with an email address. No keys, certs, portals, registrations, downloads, or passwords required!

You can start sending encrypted email to anyone with an email address immediately after setup.

Your recipients won’t need to download anything, register for anything, deal with a portal, use SecureMyEmail, or know a password. That last one is huge, btw.

They will just receive a regular email and click on a button to read your encrypted email and download any attachments.

They can then reply to you, and even add attachments of their own, all while knowing everything is seamlessly and safely encrypted with SecureMyEmail.


Enjoy your encrypted email on all your devices.

Cool software for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android is included.


Encrypt and manage multiple personal and business email accounts.

It's probably way more than you need, but every individual SecureMyEmail user can encrypt up to eight (8) separate personal or work email addresses in the software.

If you're purchasing for a company or organization with multiple users, each user will have slots for up to eight different email addresses that they control. There is no limit as to how many users an organization can have. Please contact us if you have any questions!


Keep your current email setup.

We get it. Most of us have had a long relationship with our current email software or webmail. It's tweaked to our exact specifications. To alleviate any separation anxiety, you don’t have to use SecureMyEmail to manage your email. You can if you want to, but we advise just firing it up when you need to send or read encrypted email. Or, if you send a lot of encrypted email, just leave it running in your browser or use our mobile apps.


Even if your email is hacked, emails and files secured with SecureMyEmail are safe.

Even if someone breaks into your email account itself, all emails and attachments that have been encrypted with SecureMyEmail will remain encrypted and inaccessible to them.


You're not locked in

Although we'd love for you to stay with us forever, if you ever decide to leave, it's not a problem. You always maintain control of your email accounts and security keys. Before your subscription ends, simply export your keys into any other PGP-compatible email solution and you're good to go.

We provide you genuine PGP keys that are yours to keep and can be used in other programs and websites.

Many websites, like Facebook for example, allow you to encrypt communications with them using your PGP key. They’re also handy for other encryption, storage, and identity verification applications.


Contacts already using PGP email? They can link to you for free.

Just invite them through SecureMyEmail and we’ll send them a link where they can exchange public keys with you. They’ll show up in your Secure Contacts list without having to join SecureMyEmail.


Build your own ‘‘encrypted social network” of a sort.

Although SecureMyEmail allows you to exchange encrypted email with anyone, you unlock additional features when you invite people directly. You can build your own personal secure contacts list, verify them using social networks, and even view reputation metrics such as trust levels and mutual friends. It’s a more modern version of what PGP users call the Web of Trust and is additional protection from email fraud, impersonators, and phishing.


Advanced Crypto Settings.

We designed SecureMyEmail to be simple enough for anyone to use, but added advanced features for crypto experts. With SecureMyEmail, you can import your own PGP keys, regenerate keys, change your secure passphrase, customize your passphrase challenge intervals, and more.

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