HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email

Email is a communication tool all your patients, vendors, and partners already have. Use it safely, while fully protecting ePHI with modern end-to-end encryption.

Easy as easy can be. Start using it in minutes.

Zero training necessary. No portals. Employees can download, set up, and go.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) included for any-sized account.

Although we can only provide BAA for paid accounts, we're quite inexpensive, and we don't make you buy multiple accounts if you only need one. So, whether you need HIPAA compliant email for a huge healthcare network, a small practice, or a solo practitioner, we have you covered! Click "Subscription" in any of our apps to purchase at any time during your free trial. Once paid, contact our Sales team and they will email you our Business Associate Agreement (BAA) right away.


Works with your current email. No need to switch email providers or get a new email address.

Adding HIPAA compliant encryption to your current email is practically effortless with SecureMyEmail. In fact, you don't really have to change anything you do already. We can easily encrypt any email address or domain and make it HIPAA compliant. This includes encrypting Google Workspace, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft 365. You can also keep using your current email software if you want. Just run SecureMyEmail in any browser, or on your mobile device simultaneously, or just fire it up when you need it.


Enjoy your HIPAA compliant email on all your devices.

Cool apps for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS (iPhone and iPad) are included at no extra cost. Access, send, and receive your encrypted HIPAA compliant email and attachments from anywhere.

Like to see it in action? Here's a video showing SecureMyEmail being installed and sending encrypted email using Gmail. But, remember, we work with any email address.


Send HIPAA compliant email to anyone with an email address. Recipients don't have to use SecureMyEmail.

Your recipients don't have to use SecureMyEmail. They also don't have to download anything, register for anything, know a password, or log into a portal. They will love you! They just receive a regular email and can easily reply back-and-forth, download and add attachments, and the entire thread will be encrypted and HIPAA compliant.


There's room to encrypt your employees' personal email also.

Each individual user's SecureMyEmail account includes encryption for up to eight(8) distinct email addresses per person. This should allow your users to have room to add their personal accounts. This helps prevent accidental data leakage from those accounts as well as allows them to use those accounts to communicate with patients in case there is an outage on your main account.


It's incredibly inexpensive.

SecureMyEmail is only $29.99/year or $3.99/month per individual user. This gets you unlimited use on all your devices. Start your free, no-credit card-required, trial today. If you like it, you can subscribe through the software or, if you have multiple users, you can contact sales to be invoiced.

Try it out for 30 Days on us.

No Payment info is required.