Easy Email Encryption for GDPR Compliance.

Make sure your email communication is safe and secure with end-to-end encryption.

If you are in the EU, or have customers in the EU, The General Data Protection Regulation applies to you. Customer data sent and archived via email must be protected. Some countries are even mandating encryption outright. We offer you the easiest, most cost-effective way to add modern end-to-end encryption to your current email and attachments so you can focus on your business, not on encryption.

Easy as easy can be. Get started immediately.

30 Day Free Trial with no payment info required.

Zero training necessary. Employees can download, set up, and go.


Works with your current email. No need to change email providers or domains.

Whether you host your own email or outsource it, we have you covered.


Works on all your devices.

Software for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS is included. Access, send, and receive encrypted email and attachments from anywhere.


Recipients don't have to use SecureMyEmail.

If they use us, that's, of course, great. If they don't use us, it's not a problem. They can reply back-and-forth without having to install anything and It's still end-to-end encrypted.


Verify and encrypt your employees personal email to prevent leakage and vulnerabilities.

Each individual account includes encryption for eight email addresses. Having employees also protect their personal email helps prevent phishing attacks, impersonation, and helps ensure your company and customer data is safe.


It’s priced right.

Only $29.99/year or $3.99/month gets you unlimited use on all your devices for 8 distinct email accounts/addresses per user.

Try it out for 30 days on us.

No payment info is required.